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the latest generation of photo - based 3d scanners

in 2015, the latest development of a new generation of photo - based 3d scanner, a new generation of photo - based 3d scanner (ry), has become more relaxed, fast and accurate.
ry series camera based 3d scanner, based on the pts series, increase the independent development of the grating and control system, support for blue and white two systems, the use of the latest generation of non-contact blue / white scanning technology, customers can choose according to scan the surface of the workpiece surface requirements.
in order to pursue more accurate, easier and more rapid product concept, the ry series 3d scanner has the super detail resolution ability, can distinguish the small to the hair silk object. at the same time, real-time dynamic scanning has been greatly improved, the fastest single scanning speed to 0.4s.
in addition, the ry series has a new breakthrough in the way of splicing, said goodbye to a single mosaic, supports a variety of splicing, including feature stitching (non labeling points automatic stitching), marking points and stitching and frame stitching (compatible with a photographic measurement system, can be scanned for large objects) three ways, customers can choose to.
ry series 3d scanner with a variety of scan specifications, can be a machine, a few millimeters to a few millimeters to a few meters of objects can be competent. for mold manufacturing industry, industrial design and teaching application (reverse engineering), vehicle and ship design / chaoshu, toys, electronic product design, wood / stone / jade carving, product error detection and assessment, casting pieces shape scanning measurement, ceramic sanitary ware industry, home appliances products, medicine and cosmetic industry, footwear, clothing design, human 3d scanning, preservation and restoration of cultural property, digital museum, underwear mold making, aerospace industry has important commercial value.

jing yi xun technology has always uphold the spirit of the craftsmen, focus on the user experience and industrial development needs, excellence, continuous forward in the field of three-dimensional digital. the successful development of the ry series 3d scanner is a symbol of the development of the technology in the field of photo - based 3d scanning system.