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    ● non-contact laser measurement, nondestructive testing, can detect the coordinate system can not detect soft material objects.
    ● high standards of design and assembly, to ensure the system's mechanical precision, using advanced software algorithms to compensate for mechanical systems and imaging systems to compensate for non-linearity error, and further improve the accuracy of the system.
    ● high precision, accuracy of 0.02-0.05mm
    ● measuring large depth of field, depth of 100mm, with precise control of four-axis system, you can easily measure the concave objects;
    ● measurement speed, using unique software algorithms, point processing capacity of 5,000 - 10,000 points / sec.
    ● system from the outset to produce close to the user, the maximum consideration of the user's habits and needs.
    ● you can complete the overall detection of 3d object surface shape, can also detect a specified section without operator trajectory programming, simplifying the operation more difficult;
    ● intelligent design to maximize the process of reducing human intervention.
    ● easy system operation, do not ask the operator for customers to save labor costs.
    ● software uses windows interface style, aspects of user habits.
    ● the company has a strong r & d team and technical support, system-wide self-development, can be customized.