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3d scanner (general) pts-h400m

product category:3d scanner system (general)

产品型号:pts-h400m (general)
产品描述:pts-h400m \"comprehensive\" three-dimensional pictures is fine easy fast scanner technology to meet the needs of industrial design applications developed fourth-generation product, which combines the ...
3d scan digitizer is a high-tech product integrated with optic, electronic & robot, also known as structured light digitizers or 3d raster scanner. adopting the 1st class non-contact technology, it captures more than 1m pixels within 5 seconds with flexible adaptability to measure environment, high-precise measuring data and no miscellaneous. the main technical indicators rank at no.1 among the global 3d industry. it not only can be applied in reverse engineering, rapid prototype, component inspection and measuring system on complex curved surface, but also in the fields of virtual reality, cultural artifact restoration and biomedical, etc.


3doe scans complete surface of object, then achieve one-step measuring and digitizing by the means of computer-vision, photo-electricity sensor, graphics designer & software control.

product’s functions:

non-contact white light scanning, be adept in measuring both solid and soft objects.
speedy scanning, capture at least 1 million pixels within 5 seconds.
high precision: 3doe adopts high-end computer vision technology and own patent. measuring precision is 0.02-0.05 mm without void point. 
portable machine, which can be delivered to work place lightly.
work indoor or outdoor, without need of darkroom, flexible adaption with measure environment, 
hyperfocal distance, from 300 to 500 mm.
automatic & precise assembly with multi-probes. object can be moved & turned with random.
rapid mesh capture, can get realistic surface of object.
powerful & handy operational software, which patent is owned by our company.

flexible data interface, supporting asc, iges, can be imported & exported with pro/e, ug, imageware, geomagic , autocad, etc. 

models and technical specifications:


pts-h400m 综合型


non-contact surface scan

single scan range(mm2 )


the maximum measuring range(mm3 )




single scan points(像素)


single scan speed


average pitch(mm)


output file formats

asc,iges, stl, vrml, dxf等


mark point automatic stitching, intelligent integration of single point cloud

operating system

windows xp / win7